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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability Approach

Social performance and investment is central to our mandate.

Our main contribution to society is creating inter-generational wealth for the RBN and supporting initiatives aimed at improving the well-being of the RBN. We further contribute through paying taxes, procuring local goods and services, empowering the youth through skills development and supporting social investment programmes. The responsible stewardship of resources is a guiding principle not only for our commercial activities but also in how we invest in our communities and engage with our stakeholders.

We are focused on maintaining positive relations with all our stakeholders through demonstrated performance and by making a meaningful contribution to transformation, inclusive development and sustainability.

We also recognise reputation management as a key objective to our stakeholder engagement strategy. We proactively build trust, raise awareness of our value creation and identify and align with those who share the same values.

Sustainability Focus Areas

We are mindful of the collective challenges that we face as a country and are intentional in our approach to create meaningful and sustainable value to the stakeholders that we serve. To this end, we create value for the RBN and broader South African society through investments in skills development to create a pipeline of skills and community well-being. Our CSI spend supports specific priorities in line with our social transformation strategy and the imperatives of Plan ’35.

We partner with various stakeholders including our investee companies, NGOs and government, making financial donations to or directly supporting programmes that improve the quality of education, empower the youth and support inclusive development.

Please refer to our 2020 Report to Society for a more comprehensive account of our CSI initiatives.

Report to Society 2020