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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability Approach

Social performance and investment is central to our mandate.

While our core mandate is rooted in strategic investments to grow and protect the wealth of the RBN, we actively contribute to the development imperatives of both the Nation and broader South African society.

We strive to make a meaningful contribution to broad-based transformation, inclusive development and sustainability. This includes payment of an annual dividend and taxes, procurement of local goods and services, empowerment of youth through skills development and active participation in social investment programmes.

We achieve this in collaboration with a range of strategic partners, including RBN implementation entities, our investee companies as well as civil society, supporting strategic multi-year projects and contributing to sustainable socio-economic development.

We are focused on maintaining positive relations with all our stakeholders through demonstrated performance and by making a meaningful contribution to transformation, inclusive development and sustainability.

We also recognise reputation management as a key objective to our stakeholder engagement strategy. We proactively build trust, raise awareness of our value creation and identify and align with those who share the same values.

Sustainability Focus Areas

We are a responsible contributor to the national fiscus in the form of taxes and employment opportunities. In the 18 years since our establishment, we have created jobs, the majority of which for historically disadvantaged individuals, enabled local small business development and contributed towards socio economic development as part of our social impact imperatives. Our social investments have benefited not only Bafokeng, but all those who live in the RBN and access services provided by the RBN.

Our social spend is strategically directed towards specific priorities, aligning with our social transformation strategy and the goals of Plan ’35. Our vision is to enhance the socio-economic development programmes of the RBN by partnering, fundraising and directly supporting those initiatives that are sustainable, improve the quality of education, support the growth of small businesses and empower the youth. This is done in alignment with the B-BBEE codes of good practice.

In pursuit of these objectives, we actively collaborate with various stakeholders, including our investee companies, NGOs, mining houses operating in the region and government entities. Additionally, we work closely with our sister entities in the RBN, such as RBA, RBED, RBI and RBS. This collaborative effort involves financial donations and direct support for projects aimed at enhancing the quality of education, empowering the youth, and fostering inclusive development.

RBH is a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor.

Please refer to our 2020 Report to Society for a more comprehensive account of our CSI initiatives.

Report to Society 2020