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Our heritage is firmly rooted in the proud history of the Bafokeng people who, through visionary leadership, pragmatism and the ability to make things happen, have remained resilient in the face of challenges to secure the long-term prosperity of Morafe (community).

We apply an inter-generational outlook to provide a dividend income and portfolio capital appreciation to our sole shareholder, the RBNDT, through prudent management of an investment portfolio. RBNDT holds all the RBN’s commercial interests and assets and invests the returns on local infrastructure and social development initiatives through RBN Entities to provide Socio-economic empowerment for the Nation and those who live in the RBN. Staying true to the Bafokeng legacy of being the guardian of current and future generations, RBH is responsible to grow the financial capital of the RBN for the RBNDT to take care of the economic and social well-being of the RBN. Since its inception in 2006 we have invested R7.8 billion towards the socio-economic benefit of the RBN. This is RBH’s contribution to the collective challenges that are prevalent in the country by making a positive impact in the North West region. In keeping with the lessons learnt from several generations of Bafokeng leaders is a deep understanding that investing for the long-term and building resilience are key tenets to meaningful and sustainable empowerment.

Celebrating 17 Years of RBH

As we celebrate 17 years since the establishment of RBH, two key insights are apparent. Firstly, that if managed well, royalties and dividends can provide direct benefits to historically disadvantaged communities while contributing to tax revenue for the state. Secondly, while it is important for the needs of current generations to be taken care of, royalties and dividends can also be used to establish inter-generational wealth and fund the needs of future generations.

RBH Portfolio Investment Timeline

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