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Business Philosophy

Our overarching strategic intent is to enable our sole shareholder, the RBNDT, to fulfil its responsibility of addressing the socio-economic needs of the Bafokeng people and those living on RBN land, while realising the ambitions of Plan ’35 and inter-generational economic sustainability.

Beyond the financial sustainability of RBH and, by extension, RBN, we enable social development, which is sustained by the financial resources that we are entrusted to manage, the employment opportunities and associated benefits such as medical aid to employees, our approach to responsible investing as articulated in the relevant policy, the oversight exercised at investee companies, and overall risk management and governance across the business.

The board and sub-committees – Social and Ethics Committee (SEC), Remuneration and Nomination Committee (REM) and Audit and Risk committee (ARC) – have a holistic view and ensure integrated thinking in the business. This is reflected in the corporate scorecard that measures RBH’s performance across a number of metrics.

The annual workplans guide this together with the annual risk workshop that interrogates risk management across all functions of the business. There is also the annual board-to-board strategy session with the shareholder that considers the strategy and the required performance of the business, which is complemented by RBH’s own strategy session.

Our business strategy is underpinned by ESG principles and supported by a human resources strategy aimed at attracting, retaining and nurturing our team.

Investement approach [chart]