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RBH Values

At the core of our values is a people-centred approach to engage with each other in a manner that is principled and authentic.

We remain resilient and committed to helping the Royal Bafokeng Nation to achieve its purpose.


be open, truthful, ethical in all our actions and interactions, and act with integrity.


respect for self, RBH and others in our engagements and remain open to diversity of perspectives. Recognise our individual and collective humaneness by embracing the principles of “Botho” – I am because we are; we treat each other in an equitable manner without favouritism or discrimination.


to the RBH purpose and vision: be mindful that we serve a greater purpose and exercise stewardship to the unique mandate that we have been entrusted with – the upliftment and sustainability of the Royal Bafokeng Nation is the cornerstone of what we do.


accept responsibility, follow through to the end, remain answerable at all times and stand by your word.


be open with information, where possible, and be clear with our intentions.


engage with all stakeholders in a timely and effective manner.