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The human capital function of RBH plays a key role in driving a culture and behaviour that enables our vision and embodies our values.

We engage employees in an open and transparent manner, encouraging them to take pride and ownership in the work we do and ensuring that we are always in a position to deliver on our mandate. Talent management and employee wellness remain key focus areas of our human capital strategy.

Talent Management

We believe our employees are central to our success and that, in order for us to attract and retain the right calibre of employees, we need to understand their needs and work preferences. It is also important that the ambitions of our employees are aligned with those of the organisation. Our talent management strategy is centred on identifying high-potential individuals, upskilling them and ensuring an ongoing pipeline of new talent.

Employee Wellness

We take into account that our employees are from different cultural backgrounds when designing the benefits we provide and the culture we would like to create at RBH. We strive to meet the needs of the whole person and do so in a manner that allows employees to align their ambitions with those of the organisation.Key outputs of our human capital strategy include an employee complement consisting of professionals that drive excellence, relevant human capital processes and systems while ensuring alignment to the business strategy. We are also committed to empowerment and diversity in all its forms.


RBH provides an enabling environment for a progressive career trajectory and a deepened appreciation for the work we do for our community. We believe the growth of an individual is dependent on their potential, their ability to take initiative and to be innovative.

Our selection criteria is centred around ensuring that we employ the right people who will positively contribute and enable the advancement of the mandate that we have been entrusted with in preserving and growing the financial capital of the RBN.

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